Welcome to the NNTPGrab Website

NNTPGrab is an open source usenet download program containing the following features:

  • Import of NZB files
  • Download from multiple servers using multiple threads
  • Configurable download priority and server priority
  • Possibility to run the GUI on a different computer than where the downloads are happening
  • Possibility to control the program using a webinterface
  • Support for NNTP-over-SSL
  • Support for IPv6
  • Automatic NZB import (directory monitor)
  • Integrated NZB search engine
  • Automatic PAR2 repair
  • Automatic unpack
  • Automatic removal of files after PAR2 repair and unpack
  • Automatic shutdown after all downloads are completed
  • Support for bandwidth limiting
  • Support for plugins
  • Can be controlled using JSON-RPC
  • Support for downloading over proxy servers
  • Can be used on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X

Issue tracking

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