From 04/10/2010 to 05/09/2010


08:40 pm Revision 1623: Added two new environment variables which can be used to influence some default se...
Location where the configuration files and download queue need to be saved
05:38 pm Revision 1622: Both NNTPGrab 0.6 and trunk:
- Added the <TAB> character to the list of forbidden characters for collection names
Trunk only:
- Dropped the SQLite...


09:00 pm Revision 1621: - When using collection names > 128 characters some error messages could pop up wh...
- When importing files using the NZBCreator, use a more generic collection name instead of the name of the first file Alguno


08:47 pm Revision 1620: Automatically retry connecting to usenet servers when a connection error has occured
This should fix a bug where the download queue could hang when the network connection is unstable Alguno


11:22 pm Revision 1619: Previous commit wasn't backported properly
10:38 pm Revision 1618: Added some more logging to improve the diagnosing of incomplete downloads
08:00 pm Revision 1617: - In the NZBCreator tab, don't show expanders for collections with only one file
- In the NZBCreator tab, show the poster for each collection if all the files in a collection were done by the same p... Alguno
07:02 pm Revision 1616: When connecting to servers, keep the results of all DNS lookups in a cache so reco...
This should also lower the possibility of the error message 'No hostname could be found for servername x' from occuring Alguno


04:00 pm Revision 1615: Changes in the NZBCreator Indexer:
- Ignore files which contain over 10.000 parts
- Improve UTF-8 handling in some cases
- Ignore signals when receiving...
02:14 pm Revision 1614: When a collection name contains the text '.par2', all files get marked as par2 rec...
This resulted in the automatic remove function to remove all files in the collection. Added a workaround for this bug Alguno
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