From 10/25/2010 to 11/23/2010


03:43 am Feature #63 (New): Auto-import already existing files on startup of NNTPGrab
As described in the title, nzb files do not get autoimportet if the file is getting placed in the directory nntpgrab ... ursli


12:49 am Revision 1775: - Log messages didn't get shown anymore in the NNTPGrab Server GUI. Fixed
- Marking files optional/non-optional using the JSON-RPC interface was broken. Fixed
- Fixed an issue which could cau...


03:39 pm Revision 1774: - Some small optimalisations in the Qt frontend
- Don't bind to the 'connection_lost' signal in the Qt frontend when using the standalone mode
- Fixed a "signal 'con...


12:25 am Revision 1773: Allow frontends to indicate whether they want to receive log messages or
not (disabled by default). This reduces the load in regular environments Alguno


01:00 am Revision 1772: - Reduced the overhead between the glue layer and the frontends by introducing som...


12:48 am Revision 1771: - The 'all_downloads_completed' signal wouldn't get emit if there were any 'skippe...
- Implemented the 'Automatic Shutdown' feature in the Qt frontend
- Added support to shut down the system when using ...


07:36 pm Revision 1770: Moved the auto-shutdown code from the GTK frontend to the utils library so it can ...


09:17 pm Revision 1769: - Renamed the objects 'NNTPGrabCore' to 'NntpgrabCore' and 'NNTPGrabGlue' to 'Nntp...
in order to be compatible with GObject-introspection
- Renamed the nntpgrab_... functions in the glue layer to use th...
04:09 pm Revision 1768: - Add support for libnotify 0.7 to the GTK frontend
- Bump the requirement for gobject-introspection to version 0.9 Alguno


10:13 pm Revision 1767: - Only allow the Qt frontend to be running once at the same time
- If another instance of the Qt frontend is detected, automatically give it focus
- Implemented opening NZB files fro...


11:36 pm Revision 1766: - Implemented the 'hide inactive connections' configuration option in the Qt frontend
- Fixed a small issue where the initial handshake of GNUTLS based connections could fail Alguno
10:24 pm Revision 1765: Implemented showing/hiding columns in the download queue of the Qt frontend


11:12 pm Bug #59 (Closed): Download won't finish with strange server behaviour
Various stability issues have been fixed some the original report, so the mentioned behaviour should be resolved as well Alguno
10:51 pm Bug #39: Nntpgrab crashed bij het verwerken van laatste nzb file
Heeft er iemand met NNTPGrab 0.6.90 onder Ubuntu nog last gehad van crashes?
Zoniet, dan kan deze bugreport gesloten...
10:44 pm Feature #2: Qt frontend
The following things are left to be done in the Qt frontend:
- Add support for automatic shutdown
- Hide/show colum...
10:21 pm Feature #6 (Closed): Online search reachable through JSON-RPC
The Online Search server can now be contacted with both XML-RPC as JSON-RPC.
This eliminates the need for adding it ...
09:30 pm Revision 1764: Automatically close the debug window (if it's visible) in the Qt frontend when the...
08:49 pm Revision 1763: A regression got introduced in NNTPGrab 0.6.2 which caused configuration changes
in the port number of usenet servers to be ignored on Win32/Win64. Fixed Alguno


02:44 pm Revision 1762: - Made the Qt frontend the default on Windows and Mac OS X environments
- The Gtk frontend has become optional on Windows environments
- Re-added the openssl libraries to the Windows instal...


06:25 am Feature #62 (Closed): Select/enable multiple files when importing NZB
When importing an NZB, it's possible to select multiple files using shift. But it's not possible enable the "download... W3ird_N3rd


09:12 pm Feature #61 (Closed): RAR Bestanden met wachtwoord
RAR bestanden met een wachtwoord kunnen nu niet automatisch worden uitgepakt. Het zou erg handig zijn dat je ergens e... Dingo
09:12 pm Feature #60 (New): RAR Bestanden met wachtwoord
RAR bestanden met een wachtwoord kunnen nu niet automatisch worden uitgepakt. Het zou erg handig zijn dat je ergens e... Dingo
08:18 pm Revision 1761: - Implemented automatic import (Qt frontend)
- Use the proper DBUS interfaces for automatic shutdown (currently untested on modern environments) (GTK frontend)
- ...
12:55 am Revision 1760: Changes in the NNTPGrab Core:
- Refuse to accept configuration changes when the download folder, temp folder or automatic import folder refer to in... Alguno


01:43 am Revision 1759: - Notifications in the GTK frontend were broken. Fixed
- Made the GUI configuration files for both the GTK and Qt frontend fully compatible with each other
- Finished the i...


11:13 pm Revision 1758: Updated translations
10:21 pm Revision 1757: - Use GnuTLS instead of OpenSSL for the Win32 and Win64 versions
- Fixed a possible crash in the connect dialog of the Qt frontend
- Connecting to a NNTPGrab Server with the Qt front...
07:07 am Revision 1756: Win32/Win64 compile fix
01:35 am Revision 1755: - Version bump to 0.6.91
- Added support for GNUTLS instead of OpenSSL (might give better performance results. Refs #35)
Changes in the Qt fro...
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