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Revision 1819

Added by Alguno almost 6 years ago

- Convert all strings coming from the NNTPGrab Core to the Qt Frontend
to the QString native character encoding (which isn't UTF-8 on Windows).
Fixes an issue where names of collections and files could get malformed
if they contain non-UTF8 characters. Closes #72
- When importing files with special characters, some invalid JSON-RPC messages
could get sent to external frontends. Fixed
- Add a Content-Length header to HTTP requests in the JSON-RPC plugin
Patch by chrashoverraid. Closes #74
- When connecting to a NNTPGrab Server using the 32bit Windows
frontend, the frontend could crash. Fixed. Closes #70

Related issues

  • Bug #70: Connecting to NNTPGrab server
  • Bug #72: Can't remove completed collections
  • Bug #74: Reopen: Webserver invalid protocol


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