From 07/18/2011 to 08/16/2011


10:48 pm Bug #85 (Closed): Files ready to be decoded can hang until the next program restart
It appears that files can get stuck in the 'Waiting for decode' state after a configuration change has occurred.
10:17 pm Bug #84 (Closed): Connect dialog doesn't remember last used connection
As mentioned in the Qt frontend currently doesn't remember the last host/p... Alguno


10:55 pm Revision 1879: - Some files could get stuck in the download queue when a connection with a server...
- Added a testcase for this situation Alguno


09:11 pm Bug #83 (Closed): Download queue Move down
Applied in changeset r1878.
Snapshots can be found at the following URLs:
09:11 pm Revision 1878: Fixed an issue in the GTK frontend where moving the last file or collection
in the download queue down would result in an assertion error. Closes #83 Alguno
06:43 pm Bug #83 (Closed): Download queue Move down
When moving the latest collection or the latest file in a collection down, an error occurs:
Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_tre...


07:15 pm Bug #82 (In Progress): ~100% Intern geheugen gebruik 64-bit NNTPgrab 0.6.92
Zou je wat meer details hier over kunnen geven?
Hoeveel servers heb je geconfigureerd staan?
Wordt er gebruik gemaa...
06:53 pm Bug #82 (Closed): ~100% Intern geheugen gebruik 64-bit NNTPgrab 0.6.92
Bij het opstarten van NNTP onder windows 7 64-bit is NNTP vrij langzaam.
Daarna loopt het geheugen vol totdat ongeve...


01:46 pm Feature #81 (In Progress): Improved support for GNOME3
Support for GtkApplication has been added in r1873
The dbus-glib pieces for the automatic shutdown feature have been...
01:40 pm Feature #81 (Closed): Improved support for GNOME3
Recently GNOME3 was released. One of the new features of GNOME3 (better said: GTK3) is GtkApplication. This is a clas... Alguno
01:34 pm Bug #67 (Closed): GNUTLS support is broken on Mac OS X
Applied in changeset r1877.
Snapshots can be found at the following URLs:
01:34 pm Revision 1877: - The text "Now verifying files" was translated in the Qt frontend. Fixed
- Fixed a small automake error in the 0.7 branch
- GNUTLS support should work again on Mac OS X. Closes #67


09:58 pm Revision 1876: Collections with a total size of 4GB or more were shown incorrectly in the Online ...


12:31 pm Revision 1875: On the first time startup, always save a default configuration file to disk
instead of waiting for the first change or proper shutdown as was mentioned


11:40 pm Bug #67 (In Progress): GNUTLS support is broken on Mac OS X
This issue appears to be architecture specific. If the libraries contain x86_64 pieces then it works fine. If it does... Alguno
11:08 pm Bug #75: Opstarten NNTPGrab (normale en 64bit) duurt erg lang op Windows vista
Is dit probleem in de nieuwste beta versie (0.6.92) soms verholpen?
Heb onlangs namelijk nog een wijziging doorgevoe...
11:06 pm Bug #35 (Closed): Slow downloads since 0.6.x
I'm glad to hear that your issues are resolved now!
Closing bug
10:50 pm Bug #35: Slow downloads since 0.6.x
Just downloaded the new beta, and it seems the bug is most definitely fixed. It now saturates my 50Mb line, gi...
10:43 pm Revision 1874: - Replaced the dbus-glib pieces in the auto shutdown code with GDBus (part of GLib...
- Dropped the dependency on PolicyKit as it shouldn't be needed anymore
- Don't depend on dbus-glib anymore when GTK-...
10:03 pm Revision 1873: - Use GtkApplication on GTK-3 environments for improved integration in GNOME3
- Added a missing MimeType entry to the nntpgrab_server_gtk and nntpgrab_qt Linux desktop shortcuts Alguno
06:12 pm Revision 1872: Previous commit was incomplete
05:31 pm Revision 1871: - Bumped the version to 0.7.89
- Bumped the mimimum requirements to glib >= 2.26.0 and gtk+ >= 2.22.0
- Dropped various obsolete checks from the con...
03:55 pm Revision 1870: Rename the filename of the win32/win64 installers in the nntpgrab-0.7 branch to nn...
03:15 pm Revision 1869: - Require Online Search queries to be at least 4 characters long
- Don't bundle the GTK frontend anymore in the OSX, Win32 and Win64 setups (trunk only) Alguno
01:24 pm Revision 1868: Branched for NNTPGrab 0.7


02:10 pm Revision 1867: Bundle libssp-0.dll with the win64 installer
01:22 am NNTPGrab 0.6.92 (0.7 Beta 3) released
It may have looked like the NNTPGrab project turned dead, but that doesn't seem to be the case
The development got s...


11:33 pm Revision 1866: NNTPGrab 0.6.92 tagged (again)
11:31 pm Revision 1865: - Bumped the requirement for the GIO connection backend to glib/gio >= 2.28.0 (GPo...
- Dropped the tag Alguno
09:53 pm Revision 1864: NNTPGrab 0.6.92 tagged
08:00 pm Revision 1863: - Trying to import files using the online search in the Qt frontend could result i...
- Added a new configure argument: --disable-online-tests which disables the testcases which require an internet conne... Alguno
03:21 pm Revision 1862: - The online search didn't work in the Qt frontend on Mac OS X. Fixed
- Hide the online search options from the Gtk frontend as they're unimplemented at the moment Alguno


08:53 pm Feature #37 (Closed): Remove collections from download queue when completed
Applied in changeset r1861.
Snapshots can be found at the following URLs:
08:53 pm Revision 1861: Implemented a new option: Automatically remove collections from the download queue...
07:12 pm Feature #80 (Closed): Remove items from queue after completion
07:12 pm Feature #80: Remove items from queue after completion
Yes it is, marking this feature as duplicate Alguno
06:35 pm Feature #80: Remove items from queue after completion
This is a duplicate of Issue #37 I think. chrashoverraid
05:47 pm Revision 1860: Automatically save the download queue after each succesful PAR2 repair and automat...
05:44 pm Feature #80 (Closed): Remove items from queue after completion
Add an option to automatically remove items from the download queue once they have been completed. W3ird_N3rd
12:21 pm Revision 1859: Workaround some gcc issues on Mac OS X
12:04 pm Revision 1858: - Fixed a small regression in the JSON-RPC code
- Fixed a compile error on Win32/Win64 Alguno
11:32 am Revision 1857: - Don't try to import old .nzb files on Mac OS X when a new .nzb file is detected ...
- Resolved various compiler warnings
- Updated the ChangeLog
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